Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help

PICOT Paper Requirements

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Nursing homework help
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Formulating your question for Mod 2 assignment:

  • Clinical Question– Formulate a clinical question using the PICOT format (the sequence of PICOT needs to be followed)
  • P: Patient Population (for example—Did women ages 20-40 with DMII)
  • I: Intervention (what was done to fix this issue) (for example—who were prescribed insulin)
  • C: Comparison intervention or group (for example—compared to those who were prescribed oral diabetic medications)
  • O: Outcome (show better blood glucose management)
  • T: Time (for example—over a 1 year period of time, over a 6 month period of time, over a 3 day period of time)
  • Sample sequence: “In acute care hospitals (patient population), how does having a rapid response team (intervention) compared with not having a response team (comparison) affect the number of cardiac arrests (outcome) during a three-month period (time)?” Nursing homework help


So, using the example above, you would “plug in” your information like this:


Did women ages 20-40 with DMII (P) who were prescribed insulin (I) compared to those who were prescribed oral diabetic medications (C) show better blood glucose management (O) over a 6 month period of time (T)?**You may not use this PICOT question for your paper**



PICOT Paper details for Mod 7:

Your paper for the course project should be a 2-3 page APA paper (not including title page and the reference page) that describes the clinical problem and the following (your paper should have the following items in this order in the paper):

  1. Reason for choosing this topic (state “I chose this topic because….”)
  2. The PICOT question (Needs to be the same question that you submit for the Mod 2 assignment)
  3. Possible integration of the evidencethat you found in clinical practice(how was this used or how could it be used in clinical practice?)
  4. Methods to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation (discuss HOW would the effectiveness be evaluated? Would you use a tally system to see how many patients fell during a certain time period? Would you use the patient’s blood sugar readings over a certain time period to see if your intervention was effective? Would you compare how many children contracted polio using one vaccine compared to how many children contracted polio using another vaccine?) **You may not use these topics for your PICOT paper as these are for example purposes**


Keep in mind:

  1. Sources must be within the last 3 years, the years 2019-2021 are the only acceptable years for your sources for this paper
  2. Utilize the Rasmussen library APA resources and the Writing Lab resources
  3. Every reference must have a matching citation in the paper
  4. You will lose points if you have a citation with no matching reference or a reference with no matching citation
  5. Citations that are in your paper that have no matching reference will not be accepted
  6. Your sources must be peer-reviewed sources (an informational article, for instance, is not a peer-reviewed source)
  7. You must have at least 3 references for your paper, only use as many as you need, more references are not always better






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