Community assessment

Community assessment


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Community assessment
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Community assessment is considered to the analysis and the collection of the various data types which are related to the characteristics and the needs of the Head Start-eligible families and children in the manner of grantee service based on the geographical area. In general, the community assessment is noted to be having the program identification and the various community resources which are considered to be locally and readily available and thus able to meet the needs and the specification of the various personalities involved. The community within which I live is in a town which is having middle earning families but there are also low-income families, thus having behaviors that are highly associated with the middle-grouped families. In the city of North Carolina, the town in which the family I belong comes from the Jacksonville whereby there has been estimated a population of about 70% are the middles calls families and having other classes of the person is also found but in smaller populations (Mulroy, 2013). Community assessment


Importance of Community Assessment

The community assessment entails carrying out the judgments which are made on what is desired to be the situation that is in the community which is needing an interest of its being assessed. There is also carrying out the evaluation processes on the current situation which is within the community which may include the disease outbreak awareness, safety precautions being taken, and many more thus assessing the community awareness of these healthcare measures put in place now and then. There is also done the comparison of the desired situation and the actual situation on the healthcare setting which is being needed on the community and thus having the prioritization of the major goals and the concerns which are there in the community. thus, the community needs assessment because it will help on strengthening and identifying the resources which are available in the community thus helping to meet the needs of all people who are found in that community (Prunuske & Remington, 2017). Community assessment

Common Activities

There have been reported criminal activities in Jacksonville whereby these involved property crimes and violent activities according to the FBI and thus remaining a community which is not safest as the crime percentage is over 65% based on the size of the town and thus remaining a bigger change to be dealt with. Some of the major activities which are very common in this geographical area include, the tourist activities whereby there is a lot of nice places where the person can enjoy and have fun, business activities which are commonly from the businessperson like the one having the attraction sites and the tourist companies which person would use. Farming is also conducted in these regions whereby this is done by the person who is in a location having enough of land and having the materials needed and mentality of farming. The community also has city pools, walking trails on the roads, activities for teenagers and sports programs for the youths on helping reduce the crime rates, and many other things which are there which are noted to make the place much more comfortable (Prunuske & Remington, 2017).

The exist some limitations with the community which is living in this town whereby the issues of insecurity ash ben there due to the theft activities which happen on the stealing of properties and resources meaning that the security nature is low. Even though having the security features are low, the place is still conformable due to its environment being conducive for all types of a person whereby there can live all classes of families and thus meaning the cost of living has been favorable to all groups. There is also limitation into access to education on the danger or effects of theft activities which might be contributing much to increased crime rates as per the conclusion made by the FBI meaning that if community education was done on effects of stealing practices, then this would have been eradicated (Mulroy, 2013).

Certain things can be improved in the community which would include eradicating the poverty levels to the low middles class groups by having the employment opportunities being created which would prevent crimes such as stealing. Also, there can be improved the community education on the crime factor which would help on deterring a criminal person from committing any crimes because of the idea that all people would now be able to earn a living. In the healthcare sector, there can be an improvement in its access and the resources which are made available to the healthcare sectors which would help on having the whole sector working. The entertainment sector in the town has been noted to be higher rated whereby there are several entertainment halls, stages, and facilities which are there and thus helping on improving the sector through the highly improvedrecreational facilities (Stockman, 2018).

The healthcare sector has been noted to be having low operation rates due to the Medicaidprograms which have been ensured to be there by the national government. This has helped on improving the qualityof healthcare and thus make a huge population benefitting from these services being offered. The healthcare sector would be improved by having the healthcare professional being added which would ensure that the services are being delivered to the alleger community at higher efficiency (Prunuske & Remington, 2017).


In conclusion, the community assessment is very important as it helps on understanding the community on the various factors whereby these would include factors such as the healthcare setting, education, security, development, and many more.


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