Problem Based Care Plan

Problem Based Care Plan

NUR 400 – Professional Nursing

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Problem Based Care Plan
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Problem Based Care Plan


Name: Problem Base


d Care Plan


Identify client’s health goal

1.      Choose a problem-based diagnosis based on the client’s nutritional status assessment with supportive evidence from your interview (20pts).


2.      Provide a rationale for your choice (10pts).




Nursing Diagnosis: Iron deficiency anemia





Rationale: The client displays the following symptoms: extreme fatigue; pale skin; headache, lightheadedness, and dizziness; brittle nails; shortness of breath; damaged or dry skin; brittle nails; and inflammation of the tongue. All these symptoms are associated with iron deficiency anemia.

3.      Identify two nursing interventions (10pts) based on the client’s identified nursing diagnoses with rationale (10pts) for each intervention (Total = 20pts).

4.      Identify two nursing goals (10pts) based on your client’s identified nursing interventions (10pts) for each intervention (Total = 20pts).







5.      Interventions must be supported by ONE evidence-based practice article within 5 years. The article must be uploaded your assignment in Bb; a full and proper APA format is required in the right column under reference (10pts)




Intervention 1:Iron supplements Problem Based Care Plan


Rationale: As a nurse, I will advise the patient to take iron supplements (including drops, capsules, pills, etc.) to treat the symptoms of the disease and increase the levels of iron in the body (Cleveland Clinic, 2018)


Goal Intervention 1: To replenish iron stores.


Reference: Cleveland Clinic. (2018). Oral Iron Supplementation. Retrieved from:

Intervention 2: Treating underlying causes of iron deficiency


Goal Intervention 2: To treat the underlying condition or disease


Rationale: If iron supplements do not increase the levels of iron in the body, it is more likely that the iron deficiency is a result of bleeding or malabsorption of iron (Mayo Clinic, 2022). Depending on the cause, treatment may include medications (including oral contraceptives) to stop heavy periods; surgery to get rid of a bleeding fibroid, a tumor, or polyp; or antibiotics to treat peptic ulcers.


Reference: Mayo Clinic. (2022). Iron Deficiency Anemia. Retrieved from:



6.      Identify how you will evaluate each intervention/goal (with a rationale) that the client will achieve the health goal (20pts)





Evaluation of Intervention 1: Assess the symptoms of the disease


Rationale: By evaluating the symptoms of the illness, I will determine if iron supplements were effective. The effectiveness of the intervention lies in its ability to reduce the symptoms.


Evaluation of Intervention 2: Evaluate the iron levels in the body


Rationale: By evaluating the iron levels in the body, I will determine if the medications and antibiotics were effective in treating the underlying condition.



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