Critically analyse my personal experience as mentor in performing skill assessment

NEEDS 250 WORDS INTRODUCTION- OUTLINE WHAT WE WILL BE CRITICALLY ANALYSING/EVALUATING IN ESSAYS?and which reflective method using.brife description of mentor and learners background. INTRODUCTION The purpose of my assessment is critically analyse my personal experience as mentor in performing skill assessment .I am a staff nurse working at a regional burns centre. During my learning period had an opportunity to mentor a newly joined healthcare assistant. She has very less nursing background, who was planning to join her nursing course in next year. According to NMC (2008) while assessing learners the mentor should have the following qualities to Establishing effective working relationships, Facilitation of learning, Assessment and accountability, Evaluation of learning, Creating an environment for learning, Context of practice, Evidence-based practice, Leadership. After reviewing the assessment it was highlighted about few areas of successful and difficult aspects. I used Gibbs reflective model as a format to evaluate my assessment skill in first part of my second part of assignment will be analysed in detail about constructive feedback. ASSESSMENT. First part of essay (APPROX-1000 WORDS) in the main point would like to discuss During my formative assessment discussed with learning needs. Student prefer to learn about blood glucose monitoring. The aim of assessment was to assess the learner’s performance and competence demonstrating correct procedure of blood glucose monitoring also aware about normal values and how to report any abnormalities. Summative assessment was divided into two sections theory and practical in teaching section I provided handouts and also provide opportunity to ask questions. Practical section I had worked with my student few times she had opertuniy to observe and practise under direct supervision. After practical session assessed her with questionnaire and performance check list. 1; about successful aspects of assessing -Learning environment- Establishing effective relationship-I arranged an initial meeting with my student. I was given detailed orientation of the unit and provided her with an induction pack and access to unit policies. -support from facilitator and clinical educator. Performing an assessment for the first time to be challenging, Discussed about my concern and anxiety with my practise facilitator, they supported and guided Time management -busy unit to provide enough time to students. -I worked with learner few times allowed the learner to observe and practise skill under direct supervision and its help to gain confident in my student, also help me to understand the learning style of my student and help her. 2; Difficult aspects of assessing Time management -busy unit to provide enough time to students. Mentor barriers includes -personal issues example home commitment, lack of confidence and experience as a new mentor Learners barriors-new practise setting and working environment there family issues and mentor in convenient time. Initial arrangement of my skill assessment needs to cancel due to my facilitator was I had arranged another day to suitable for everyone. 3;What would consider differently next time to be more confident in feed back. – Difficulty in providing feedback?

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Critically analyse my personal experience as mentor in performing skill assessment
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