Case Study:Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice- Case Study- Nursing Assignment

Case Study

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Case Study:Evidence Based Practice
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Evie is a nurse working in a paediatric ward. During the lunch break with two work colleagues (Zoe and Nellie), Evie mentioned that she was running late that day. Evie added, “I have a very naughty child that keeps me busy all the time. His doctor has requested us to check the child’s blood pressure every two hours using the auscultatory method“. Evie added “it is a pain to average two readings that I have to obtain by auscultating Calf blood pressure every two hours”. I do not know why the night shift were taking the blood pressure with 30 seconds interval between each reading and from the Calf. The child kicked me twice this morning while I was measuring the bloodpressure. It is much too time consuming! Why do we have to follow this while we have oscillometric devices?” Nellie said, “I have been working here for five years, and this is our routine practice. So, we have to do it, John (the medical doctor) will get disappointed if you have not done it. He might make an issue of it for you, and you are in the probation period”. Zoe, surprised said, “it is just a waste of time and resources! It is a nursing decision of how to measure the blood pressure? If I were you Evie, I would not check the blood pressure every two hours, and I would use an oscillometric device. It is quick and makes our life easy. Evie accepted Zoe’s suggestion saying, “Good, I am very busy today~! It is a real pain to interrupt a 3- year old child every two hours. I understand his kicking while measuring his Calf blood pressure”. Next day, the ward manager called Evie for a meeting, and asked her to clarify the senior nurse’s comments that an oscillometric device was used instead of auscultating Calf blood pressure. Evie admitted that she used an oscillometric device as it is provided by the hospital, so why not use it? The ward manager ended the meeting by advising Evie to go back to her work, and keep an eye on her email. The manager added in the patient care plan it is mandatory to auscultate calf blood pressure every two hours. This comment concerned Evie because she was in the probation period. Evie consulted a friend in…..

Review Feedback Questions from Assignment 1:

Have you identified a problem and explained why is it important to address?

(give some brief detail of case study but do not retell the case study)‐ Use the given details in the case study to justify the problem.

Have you got a clear question written in question format?

Refine/edit down Assignment 1– make good use of word count as you have a lot of steps to cover

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