Vulnerable Population Program Development

Vulnerable Population Program Development

Incorporating all prior feedback from your instructor in phases 1–4, develop a community-based project for improving health outcomes for your chosen vulnerable population(Veteran). You will not be implementing the program, but it should be designed and developed so that the program could be realistically implemented. Present your project in 15–17 PowerPoint slides that include the identified problem as well as the important background information listed below.

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Vulnerable Population Program Development
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Part 1

Include the information that you gathered for your IP 4 regarding the descriptive statistics of the vulnerable population you selected, and place them on your slides in the form of bullet points and at least 1 graphic display showing the following:

  • Distribution of vulnerable populations
  • Demographics (race or ethnicity, age, sex)
  • Health care utilization (ED and IP visits)

Part 2

  • 1 slide should outline the scope of the problem in this population.
  • 1–2 slides should briefly outline other factors such as current political, legal, and ethical issues regarding the identified challenge.
  • 1–2 slides should outline the current resources of the health care system devoted to this problem.

Part 3

  • With what you have learned about your population and community in Phases 1–4, devise an intervention or program that could be implemented to address the priority health care need you identified.
  • Develop 2–3 goals that are measurable, with an evaluation plan. The evaluation plan should include 5–6 evidence-based interventions.
  • Write 3 measurable, time-specific learning objectives. The objectives are as follows:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Reasonable and feasible
    • Fit with a community-based setting
    • Easily understood by clients

Part 4

  • Give a brief plan for funding and budgeting to include staffing and other resources that are needed.

APA format must be followed for this assignment. Scholarly resources must be used for evidence-based practices and interventions.


If you identified low-income mothers as a vulnerable population with the risk of developing poor prenatal outcomes, you might develop a prenatal nursing education program and evaluate the learning during the program and the outcomes of mothers and babies in the postpartum period.

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