Management and Organizational Theory in Health Care

Covers Chapter 12.Also please refer to the syllabus for discussion posting guidelines. This is a two-part assignment, which includes yourinitial response and you must respond to a student’s post.
What are some types of performance that a manager would have to control for in 2 of the 6 entities below:

  1. home health care agency
  2. health insurance company
  3. primary care clinic
  4. An outpatient surgery facility
  5. A mental health counseling center
  6. A medical supply store

Guidelines Answers should demonstrate that the student has read carefully and critically in the relevant field. Answers should be thoroughly supported by evidence, examples and observations. Answers should be clear, coherent, error free. All submitted file should be 12-pt font double- spaced, and 1-inch margins all around.
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Management and Organizational Theory in Health Care
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