Identify a real world, publicly-held health care organization of your choice

You hired as the Director of Operations Director for a publicly-held hospital chain. You have been asked to evaluate the organization’s strategic planning approach because of changes in recent legislation (Affordable Care Act, Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Joint Commission, etc.). To gather data for your assignment, identify a real world, publicly-held health care organization of your choice. Please make sure that the organization that you select is publicly-held and therefore has information that is readily available to the public.

Prepare a report of 5 pages with at least 5 academic or professional references published in the past five years that indicates the following:

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Identify a real world, publicly-held health care organization of your choice
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1.       Identify all of the stakeholders that are involved and impacted by the organization. 

2.       Differentiate internal from external stakeholders, and evaluate the relationship between the organizational mission and vision for each stakeholder group based on strategic planning components. 

3.       Evaluate at least 3 business units or stakeholder groups that should be subjected to further evaluation to support the strategic initiatives of the organization, and provide your rationale and justification. 

4.       Analyze the mission and vision statements of the organization from the perspective of each of the identified stakeholders. 

5.       Assess the organization’s approach to addressing recent health care legislation, and provide an evaluation of the strategic response that is commonly employed.

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