Difference between DNP and the PhD

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When looking into the difference between the DNP and the PhD, t hey are both doctorial programs. In the most general of terms the DNP is a doctorial of nursing practice, a clinical practice degree; and the PhD is a doctoral degree in philosophy, is in nursing research. The core curriculum for the DNP research evidence into nursing practice, healthcare policies, and cultivating practice expertise. The core curriculum for the PhD is in research methodologies, theories of nursing and faculty development. The credit hours for a DNP is usually between 70-95 for those with a BSN. Credit hours for the PhD is around 60 for those with a master’s degree, inclusive of dissertation hours. Research for a DNP is statistics and theory, while the PhD is in-depth faculty-guided research projects. The DNP has up to 1000 hours of clinical work and the PhD has minimal clinical work. The final project for the DNP usually consists of a clinical paper, presentation, or other practice-based project and the PhD a dissertation in the field of nursing. Both have on-line programs available. Post graduate for the DNP is in leadership in nursing, management positions, Healthcare administrative or governing positions, or in academia. Post graduate for the PhD leads into nursing research, nursing faculty position, or health 
policy positions.

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Difference between DNP and the PhD
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I have thought about furthering my education after the BSN quite a bit. I have had the privilege to be an instructor for many nursing courses and enjoy teaching a little. I also like to be a diagnostician and use my experience to be able to help those in need. I have had many physician and NPs ask why I do not go further, to become a MD or NP. I take that with great influence, I respect those that have presented me with that question, which gives it more validity. I also have had many patients asking me when I was going to go and open my own practice, so they could come to see me, based on their comfort level with me. I could also see myself going into management, mainly because I have been groomed into that position for many years and have taken a management position and the correctional facility. With all of that being considered, I do not know yet!


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