Develop an evaluation plan for a health promotion program

Assessment BRIEF: This assessment requires you to develop an evaluation plan for a health promotion program.Work on the plan should commence early in the semester. Choose a health promotion topic and target group of interest that you can develop into an intervention and evaluation plan. The development of the proposal should demonstrate an understanding of the material presented in the unit.

The plan should be prepared on the assumption that you are applying for funds from Healthway for a 6-month program and a budget of $100,000 (including salaries). You may use the project that you developed in Health Promotion Planning 2004 or Health Promotion Methods 2002 or develop a new one. While you will be required to provide detail on the health promotion program you want to implement, the focus will be on how you will evaluate it.

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Develop an evaluation plan for a health promotion program
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You will need to use the template application form provided on Blackboard above. At least 10 peer reviewed journal articles are required as references for this assignment.

NOTE: You DO NOT need to develop any data collection instruments for this assessment such as questionnaires. You should refer to the type of data collection that you will undertake and refer to some validated scales that might be appropriate but do not include any appendices or additional documentation of these.Document Preview:

Evidence and Effectiveness in Health Promotion Health Promotion Scholarship Application Title of Research Project: “A randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of hypertension medication between patients who have adopted a vegetarian diet and patients consuming omnivorous diets” A. PROJECT SUMMARY Write in your own words a plain language summary of the project.(No more than 150 words) Hypertension is recognised as a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular mortality and various other poor health outcomes (ABS, 2015). Good dietary habits are well documented as being a protective factor against hypertension and associated diseases however the current literature identifies a need to assess specific dietary plans on the efficacy of hypertension medication (Howes et al., 2013). The popularity of vegetarian/ vegan diets has increased in recent years providing relevant opportunities to explore the effects of alternative diets on hypertension (Chiu et al., 2015). This RCT will compare the adoption of a vegetarian diet with an omnivorous diet on the efficacy of hypertension medication in patients classified as grade 1 (mild) hypertensive in Australia. Both diets will be aligned with the NHMRC dietary guidelines for hypertension. Please Paraphrase to avoid plagiarism B. PROJECT RATIONALE Write with reference to the literature why you have chosen this health issue and target group. (No more than 300 words excluding references) MAKE IT 300 WORDS and Please paraphrase Hypertension, which is commonly referred to as high blood pressure, continues to be a significant, yet modifiable cause of cardiovascular illness and death in Australia (National Heart Foundation of Australia, 2016). Hypertensive status is defined by blood pressure readings over 140/90mmHg and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015) indicates 34% of Australian’s over the age of 18 are classified as hypertensive or taking hypertensive medications, with 68%…

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