Which statement best describes caring as defined by Watson’s Theory of Human Caring?


Question 1

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Which statement best describes caring as defined by Watson’s Theory of Human Caring?
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The awareness and understanding of a net of information and ways that information can be made useful to support a specific task or to arrive at a decision is called:

Question 2

What is data?

Question 3

Which statement best reflects the definition of information?

Question 4

Information science focuses on:

Question 5

Output information can be seen in the form of:

Question 6

What helps to ethically delineate healthcare practice from healthcare information obtained from the Internet?

Question 7

A process of various ways of understanding and examining the moral life is called:

Question 8

_____________________ asserts an obligation not to inflict harm intentionally and forms a framework for the standard of care.

Question 9

The fundamental nature of bioethics relates to:

Question 10

The HIT infrastructure supports using and exchanging information in order to:

Question 11

What is an example of human-technology interfaces?

Question 12

What denotes the ease with which people can use an interface to achieve a particular goal?

Question 13

Task analysis examines:

Question 14

The users see the effects of their actions on the technology when you bridge the:

Question 15

When technology in health care prevents the performance of patient care in a timely manner, which action is staff most likely to take?

Question 16

The benefits of EHR use recognized in early studies include all of these, except:

Question 17

The universal denominator in the development of EHRs is:

Question 18

Patient data in an electronic health record (EHR) includes demographics, medical and nursing diagnoses, and:

Question 19

The future of the electronic health record and interoperability has the potential to improve patient satisfaction because:

Question 20

When the Drummond Group or the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology certifies an EHR, this means that the EHR meets the minimum qualifications for:

Question 21

Combining findings from multiple research studies to generate a consensus is known as:

Question 22

What is not a goal of evidence based practice?

Question 23

Information literacy is:

Question 24

Generating new knowledge from the implementation of a study that is based on, but unrelated to, several original studies is known as:

Question 25

The most reliable source of research evidence for informing practice is:

Question 26

All of the following are advantages of technology mediated care, except:

Question 27

Watson defines caring as:

Question 28

What indicates that the healthcare professional is fully present with the patient during an encounter?

Question 29

Strategies for active listening include all of these, except:

Question 30

Which statement best describes caring as defined by Watson’s Theory of Human Caring?

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