Providing Mobile Services to Senior Citizens to facilitate senior care services.

Providing Mobile Services to Senior Citizens: Improving Lives in the Sunrise to Sunset Independent Living Community
Excel Management, LLC is a consulting and program management firm that provides courteous, timely and professional services to meet various community needs. We support the needs of residents and assist in changing lives. Excel Management provides a full range of ad hoc or reoccurring support services accomplished solely by its licensed, credentialed and properly resourced personnel. The Sunrise to Sunset Independent Living Community, located in Sarasota, FL is looking to offer their residents mobile in home care services. With America’s aging Baby Boomer population, senior care services are likely to experience significant growth. Historically, senior care has largely focused on nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or otherwise uprooting individuals from their homes to receive care. But this traditional model of senior care fails to incorporate the modern technology and lifestyles that many seniors are already familiar with. In the age of delivery services and on-demand products, bringing care services directly to the patient is becoming more of a viable and desirable option. It’s estimated that in-home health care spending will outpace all other forms of healthcare spending by 2026, becoming a $173 billion-dollar industry. Mobile services for seniors not only create valuable business opportunities, but also provide seniors with alternatives that help them live the way they choose.
Purpose for the Project
As much of the baby boomer generation is now exceeding 60 years of age and moving to communities specifically catering to the unique needs of those of retirement age, the need for these communities with courteous, timely and professional residential maintenance and support services. To aid in this demographic receiving the residential maintenance support services they desire, Excel Management, LLC to established itself to provide retirement communities a full range of ad hoc or reoccurring residential support services. Excel Management, LLC understanding that seniors want to get the most of their retirement years, by enjoying vacations and leisurely activities as well as limiting household chores and grounds keeping responsibilities, created its business model to support the lifestyle of retirees. Excel Management, LLC will provide senior citizen communities with on-demand and mobile services in the areas of food delivery, ride sharing, hygiene assistance, home maintenance, lawn services, and much more. The in-home and property services provided by Excel Management, LLC can greatly reduce the potential for residents of senior living facilities to injure themselves while performing demanding household tasks as well as allow seniors to receive an assortment of care and support from the comfort of their own homes. This all allows for senior to experience the best of what their retirement years have to offer.

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Providing Mobile Services to Senior Citizens to facilitate senior care services.
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