Mental Health Case Study.

CRIT3000: Mental Health Case Study- Simon- Emergency Department- Nursing Assignment Help

Case Study:

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Mental Health Case Study.
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You are working within an adult mental health unit, and a patient has just been admitted.

Simon is a 34yr old male, admitted via the Emergency Department (ED) where he was brought in by police under the Mental Health Act (Forms 1A and 3A). In the ED, he was assessed and medically cleared:
Pathology urine drug screen came back with traces of cannabis and amphetamines, and he is Hepatitis C+. The psychiatric registrar transferred Simon to the mental health unit (open ward) where you are working, for further assessment and treatment. Simon has had multiple admissions since he was 24 years old, with a diagnosis ofSchizo-Affective Disorder and Drug-Induced Psychosis.

On arrival to the ward, Simon is dressed in denim shorts that are stained with dirt and a green t-shirt that is inside out, he is not wearing shoes. He is unshaven and appears to have fresh scratch marks on his arms.The initial vital signs are all within normal ranges (BP120/70. HR- 96 bpm; Rep- 20 breaths/min; Temp – 36.40C), and the scratches on his arms don’t require any dressing. His weight is 80 kg and height – 170cm.

Corroborative history from the police states that Simon was taken to ED following an altercation with his neighbours. He was accusing his neighbours of spying on him, planting monitoring devices in his room and conspiring with the police to have him jailed. As a result Simon threw a brick at his neighbours’ window toprotect himself, and consequently they called the police. The police however reported to you that Simon hasbeen cooperative on route to hospital and did not pose any danger to the officers.

His most recent hospitalisation was 6 months ago, and lasted for 6 weeks. During this admission, Simon was on Form 6A when the consultant psychiatrist granted him unescorted ground access (UGA) and he absconded from the hospital (AWOL – absent without leave). He was later brought back to the ward by thepolice. You note in his file Simon has one previous charge of assault in 2014, for physically assaulting hisneighbour while unwell. Simon doesn’t work but he is on Disability Pension. He also has a supportive partner, but they don’t live together. His brother suicided eight years ago and no other family history of suicide.
You are the receiving nurse and you decide to take Simon to the interview room together with yourcolleague for a Mental State Examination.

Your assignment should include the following subheadings:

1. Case Summary and Introduction (200 words)
2. Mental State Examination (500 words).
3. Risk Assessment and Management (600 words).
4. Conclusion (200 words)
5. References
6. Appendices
a. Brief Risk Assessment
b. Clinical Alert Form

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