Medical Radiation Specialization:Nursing Case Study.

Medical Radiation Specialisation: Nursing Case Study- Portfolio Assignment Help


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Medical Radiation Specialization:Nursing Case Study.
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In assessment by portfolio, the student’s task is to produce evidence that appropriate learning and achievement of the learning outcomes has taken place.
Your role as a student is to create artefacts that you believe reflects what you have learnt, and to ensure the artefacts chosen allows you to demonstrate how you have meet the unit learning outcomes and that there is some coherence between your artefacts. Three artefacts are to be included. Each artefact willmake up 30% of your mark for the unit. You are free to choose three artefacts from the following options:

Case Study:
A nominated case that you are personally involved/ witness with while on your clinical placement for the modality, the case may be of interest because of a particular pathology, its management or its particular relevance to your specialism.

Learning statement
In addition to the artefacts above you also need to provide a learning statement to explain why each piece has been included and how the artefacts you submitted meets the Unit Learning Outcomes (ULOs). Each ULO must be addressed within your portfolio (it is suitable to have one or more ULOs covered more than once). This statement aims to demonstrate the coverage and cohesion of the artefacts you have produced. The learning statement will make up the remaining 10% of the unit mark.

The generic ULOs for this unit are as follows:
1 Analyse the role of the chosen field in the diagnostic/therapeutic process and its future directions/current research
2 Apply and reflect on principles of the chosen field in order to participate effectively as part of a team in the clinical environment
3 Describe the key aspects of various standard examinations or operations within the chosen field These ULOs will provide the basis for you to decide how you will plan your portfolio, make sure you have a clear understanding of each one and how to produce artefacts that shows you have achieved each individual outcome.

The word limit for each artefact is 2000, however this is flexible according to the artefact chosen, for example the poster may be less.
The word limit for the learning statement is 1000.

The role of the assessor (in this case the Specialization tutors) is to evaluate what you present as your learning on the unit. The assessor will:
1. Evaluate each artefact in its own right in terms of relevance and accuracy using the marking rubrics below.
2. Evaluate your learning statement in terms of integrity and professional importance.
3. Judge the coherence of the artefacts in demonstrating your coverage of the unit.
4. Convert the artefacts into a final grade.

The important thing is to provide, through the artefacts, a balanced overview of your outcomes from the unit’s ULOs

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