Healthcare Systems – Report and Critical Analysis

MBA621 : Healthcare Systems – Report and Critical Analysis

Description: Students are to select a non-hospital based specialized health program of their choice such as treatment for drug, alcohol and other substance abuse, immunisation, hearing, oral health, productive health, etc. Students will evaluate the system that underpins that specialised health program regarding ethics, risk, quality, and safety.

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Healthcare Systems – Report and Critical Analysis
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The evaluation should include:

A. Description of the Program 
Program descriptions convey the mission and objectives of the program being evaluated. Descriptions should be sufficiently detailed to ensure understanding of program goals and strategies. The description should discuss the program’s capacity to effect change and its stage of development.

Program descriptions set the frame of reference for all subsequent decisions in an evaluation. Areas 
for consideration are:

1. Need a statement of need describes the problem or opportunity that the program addresses 
and implies how the program will respond.

2. Activities describing program activities – what the program does to effect change.

3. Resources resources include the time, talent, technology, equipment, information, money, and other assets available to conduct program activities.

B. Ethical Considerations 
Most health programs and professionals operate under ethical guidelines that are based on four overarching principles. 
1. Help or benefit to others – promoting others’ interests, by helping individuals, organizations, or 
society as a whole. 
2. Do no harm – bringing no harm, such as physical injury and psychological harm (such as 
damage to reputation, self-esteem, or emotional well-being). 
3. Act fairly – treating people fairly and without regard to race, gender, socioeconomic status, and 
other characteristics.

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