Discussion: Qualitative and Quantitave research in evidence-based practices


The main reason why people get into research is to acquire new knowledge while refining on what they already know (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015). It is true that all research studies carried out must rely on evidence. This is particularly useful to the nursing profession where there is need to have evidence-based practices (EBP) which will be used to create better patient handling mechanisms. Both quantitative and qualitative researches are applied depending on the need for the research. The results in these two may not be the same hence there is need to use them together (Grove et al., 2015).

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Discussion: Qualitative and Quantitave research in evidence-based practices
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The two methods have different approaches thus some people may find it hard to use both of them. There is a notion that using subjective elements in qualitative research may negate the objective findings through quantitative research (Smith, 2015). Another limitation of using both methods is the need for extra collaboration and engagement amongst all participants of the study. This leads to extra work in getting similarities in the data collected. The advantage however is that having both of them gives multiple perspectives and a deeper insight into the research issue (Wienclaw, 2015). By combining the two, it is possible to study not only observable behaviors, but the internal reasons behind such behaviors (Smith). It is also better to engage both methodologies in your study in order to gain a clear view of real-world behavior which is necessary in leading to EBP in the nursing profession (Wienclaw, 2015).


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