Clinical Practice Improvement- Nursing Report.

NURS2006: Clinical Practice Improvement- Nursing Report Writing Assignment


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Clinical Practice Improvement- Nursing Report.
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Project Aim:
To decrease harm and damage following falls which is faced especially by elder (65 years and above) as well as for persons who are at risk of more possibility of falls living in nursing homes by 20% in 6 months.

Relevance of Clinical Governance to your project:

According to Australian Government, The Department of Health 2012, Clinical governance can be described as an organized method of sustaining as well as advancing care qualities provided to the patients inside a medical
environment, various fitness related programs or fitness practice. The Department of Health 2012 further explains that clinical governance is also the capability which formulates applicable change to facilitate high-level of attention. It is the mutual accountability of both the clinicians and managers to assure this happens (The Department of Health 2012).
According to Safety and Quality Improvement Guide 2012 developed by Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, the clinicians’ role is crucial to formulate harmless and extra efficient practices related to health by– having a wide-ranging awareness of their accountability for well-being and excellence in healthcare; following protective and qualitative techniques; supervising and educating new staffs of the workplace as well as participating in the routine appraisal of actions independently, or as a member of a group. Furthermore, the role of managers is to execute and continue procedures, funds, training and education to clinicians to make sure that they provide reliable, useful and trustworthy health care (Safety and Quality Improvement Guide 2012). Managers must encourage the formation of collaborations with residents and caretakers during planning, executing and continuing procedures (Safety and Quality Improvement Guide 2012).
For instance, among the four pillars of clinical governance, falls prevention comes under clinical risk which focuses on decreasing threat and improving complete medical security (Department of Health 2005, cited in Fundamentals of Nursing 2012, page 596) and reducing patient risk by reducing falls risks.

Evidence that the issue / problem is worth solving:
As mentioned in Best Practice Guidelines for Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities 2009 developed by Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, falls are one of the important sources of injury to elder populaces. Though falls might happen at any age, the rate of recurrence and seriousness of injury related to fall grows with increasing time of life due to various factors like poor eyesight, balance, muscle strength, bone density and medication use (Best Practice Guidelines for Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities 2009).

The above mentioned guidelines defines falls as an incident that causes an individual to come to rest unintentionally on the floor or ground or any flat surface. Injuries related to fall might be critical or non-critical (WHO 2017). Universally, falls are one of the main communal health issues (WHO 2017). People experience a projected 64, 6000 serious falls every year, which is the subsequent important reason of unintended death, afterwards road traffic
injuries (WHO 2017). Worldwide, the mortality rate of elderly above the age of 60 is highest (WHO 2017).

In a recent survey conducted by Government of South Australia 2017, previous year i.e. 2016 in the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) five thousand nine hundred and sixty individuals had been hospitalised in different
community hospitals after a fall. Among them 72% were over 65 years of age and in the same year three hundred and ninety-five elder persons ended their life in hospital after fall-related injuries (Government of South Australia 2017).

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