Case study:Supply and demand needs of health care services

In health care, there are many facets of worthwhile measures that are needed to complete the supply and demand needs of health care services. U.S. and insurance companies thrive solely on capitalism, which leave all the consumers paying a premium for services that can very well not be used regularly. Ideally there are two sides to each scenario the nation as of 2013 the per-capita spending on health care in the U.S. amounted to $9,255 in 2013 and was projected to escalate to $10,125 in 2015 (CHF, 2015). The other side is to make provisions for consumers to be reimbursed for preventive services which in terms can lower health care cost for consumers. Ideally the last decade the health care reform acts and political views associated with increases in health care cost have gained the interest of insurance companies. Statistics that refer to individuals that are going without health care coverage due to cost encourages providers to do more to reduce the cost of health care. Health care awareness and accountability are two words that come to mind when preventive health care services are mentioned. Individually we all have a responsibility to maintain good health to live longer and stay healthy. The government funding for health care is vague in most cases on determining what specific criteria must be met to provide individual health care. The (ACA) Affordable Care Act, was the latest act that mentioned wellness and disease preventive health care services will lead to improved quality of life and extend lives as well. In term this act help provided the ability for preventive health care services to become a major factor when providing health plans. Health care funding ideally is predominantly government driven and mandates and regulation must be adhered to by providers and third-party payers as well. Ironically funding health care from a provider and third-party payer point of view always revert to reimbursement, claims, and billing processes. Physicians lose billions due to poor billing practices and changes in government regulations associated with. Providers may not enjoy the use of technological processes when processing rendered services to patients. The process from verification to posting payments may require manual techniques which becomes tedious and time consuming. The government need to set standards for all aspects of health care services to change the mindset of health services entirely. If all third-party payers were paid the same amount of reimbursements regardless of name or prestige will start changes. Additionally, a set of individual vs. insurance provider pay chart for all individual to see so budgeting services is possible by specified providers would also help i.e. HMO, PPO. If small aforementioned changes are established the competition for services are less everybody will know what it cost to have a tooth pulled if needed. References: California HealthCare Foundation (CHF). (2015). US health care spending. Retrieved from LIBRARY Files/PDF/PDF H/PDF HealthCareCostsQRG15.pdf Healthcare Business & Technology. (2014). Medical billing. Retrieved from

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Case study:Supply and demand needs of health care services
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