Review the 2016 Australia’s Health Tracker report as presented by the Australian Health Policy Collaboration.

Part 1: Discussion Board Criteria (approximately 500 word limit) Review the 2016 Australia’s Health Tracker report as presented by the Australian Health Policy Collaboration: Choose a risk factor identified in this report either on adults (pages 7 & 8) Or on children (pages 11,12 & 13) ? Discuss the prevalence (health statistics) of this health area for the Australian population and compare data for Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. ? Outline the burden of disease for this health area for the Australian population, this includes outlining the DALY/YLL (you will need to find out what these mean). You may relate this to a chronic condition and present the burden of disease for this. ? Briefly outline government health policies or health strategies which have been developed in association with this health area. Part 2: Discussion Board Criteria (approximately 200-300 word limit) ? Comment on one other health area different to the one you chose as presented by another student ? Compare their outline of the topic/area to the one you researched NUR329: Public Health Assessment Overview NUR329 Assessment Outline Semester 2, 2018 Page 3 Preparation: ? Review the NUR329 Assessment 1 YouTube, there is a link in Learnline or you can access the NUR329 YouTube channel here: ? You need to have worked through Topics 1, 2, 3 & 4 on Learnline as information pertaining to the above criteria can be found in the learning materials ? Visit the AIHW web site and set text (both Fleming & Parker’s 2015, Introduction to Public Health and AIHW, Australia’s Health 2016) ? Conduct further research using library resources, there is a NUR329 libguide, see the link in the unit and review other websites and journal articles. ? Please note: This is not medical surgical nursing and the pathophysiology of the disease is not to be included Presentation: ? Use standard academic writing, which means structured paragraphs and no point form or tables. ? Include a reference list at end of document using APA style ? Include at least 3 references and this should include 1 research article (the reference list does not contribute to word count). ? Please don’t attach word documents ? Discussion board submissions can sometimes alter the appearance of your reference list (you may lose the hanging indent for example), there are no penalties if this happens to your work Submission: ? Submit your response to the Assignment criteria via the Discussion Board link provided in NUR329 Learnline Assignment Information TAB. ? Post directly onto the discussion board by creating your thread ? Once you have put your own post up you will be able to see other students’ posts. ? Post your response to another student by responding to their thread. ? Important Note: The discussion Board will be closed and no further submissions/ comments accepted after the due date/time.

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Review the 2016 Australia’s Health Tracker report as presented by the Australian Health Policy Collaboration.
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