Discussion: Health Promotion: Social Marketing

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QUESTION# 1 350words

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Discussion: Health Promotion: Social Marketing
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Discussion: Health Promotion: Social Marketing

Marketing – A set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers; is concerned with a financial profit (American Marketing Association) (McKenzie, 2012). Health promotion is a special kind of marketing since it is an attempt to change behaviors.

Marketing. Social Marketing (Ignite, 2010)

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Marketing. Social MarketingYoutube.A must see and a must share

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What is “Social Marketing”? How is social marketing applied to public health programs? What is your success strategy for promoting your community health program?

Consider:Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2013).CDCynergy Social Marketing Edition.

QUESTION# 2 400words

Program Implementation

Program implementation is defined as “the act of converting planning, goals, and objectives into action through administrative structure, management activities, policies, procedures, and regulations, and organizational actions of new programs” (Timmreck, 1997). There are five phases of implementation,including:1) program adoption; 2) identifying and prioritizing tasks; 3) establishing a system of management; 4) putting plans into action; 5) ending or sustaining a program.

Describe some steps you might use to sustain your program.

What might some potential challenges (or concerns) be that are associated with implementing your intervention?

QUESTION# 3 Use the template and excel below

Assignment: Public Health Program (Part 6): Promotion Planning: The 7 P’s and Gantt Chart of Tasks, People and Timelines

Use the template provided to complete this assignment.

Marketing Plan Gantt Chart Template

Gantt Chart Example in Excel

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